Our Story

About The Farm


1965 The Aay family purchased property in Murray Bridge growing tomatoes and cucumbers about 1988 the Aay family trialed some herbs, the herb industry seemed to boom over night, as it grew quickly Rogers parents asked that he join into the family business and 1997 Roger decided to leave the highways department and help his parents. Due to main water cost and Roger’s parents retirement, the property was sold in 2013. Not long after, Roger & Jo-Ann Aay decided to purchase 30 acres at  Upper Hermitage in the pretty Adelaide Hills with a secured water licence 

Hermitage Produce was then established. 


Roger & Jo-Ann Aay today enjoy living on the farm Warner Road Upper Hermitage, working together with the help from their children, growing culinary herbs, which are harvested, packed and transported to major Australian supermarkets. The Aay family are committed to supplying consumers with safe, fresh, high quality produce with minimal chemical use. 

Situated at about 30 kms from Adelaide City, the herbs are grown in the most virgin soil surroundings which is conductive to herb growing. The soil is rich, disease free and the property has secured water rights. Hermitage Produce has the potential to grow the business, as we have the land to expand. The business prides itself for it’s quick turnaround time supplying the end user the freshest product in the market from time of picking and packaging to having product on the super market shelves within 24 hours. 

Taste, freshness, reliability as a producer, growing the right herbs is the reason why Hermitage Produce is flourishing.  


(production & team manager)

Roger grew up on his parents farm in Murray Bridge, from a very young age Roger helped on his family farm, he left home at 15 years to work in the East End Market in Adelaide for E Russo & Sons.  At the age of 20 Roger was employed by the Highways Department at Northfield, after about 10 years he moved to Birwood Highways Department, and became the Manager until 1997 he decided to move back to the family Business. Today Roger works with his wife making business decisions and over looks the  production of all herbs and produce on a day to day basis making sure all orders are completed.

Roger also organises from planting to picking, to deliveries of produce. Roger is very passionate about the business.

(Sales & team manager)

Jo grew up at Lower Hermitage and always enjoyed spending time in the garden with her parents growing their own vegetables. She had a lot of love for her horses and animals and has always enjoyed cooking from a young age. Jo attended Houghton primary school and then Birdwood High and is very happy living  back in her community today. Jo is a registered hairdresser but her love is running Hermitage Produce with her husband Roger, they work extremely well together, and both share a lot of passion for their Business.  Roger and Jo-Ann together have three children Benjamin born 1988 Kirsten Born 1990 and Jayden Born 2005. Jo-Ann loves all herbs and uses them daily in her cooking. 

Jo looks after and communicates in the first instance with all new customers, as an important role of our business she  looks after staff needs and training and makes sure the Quality checks and HARP’s paper work is completed daily. Jo-Ann recruits new staff.